3777:Badger Creek/4:09:35pm [Sophie’s choice]


This is Sophie. She is a red necked wallaby. We happened to be there when the keeper arrived to dress some scratch wounds on either side of her belly caused by…ahem.. the overly intense and amorous attentions of a male wallaby. The keeper brought some sweet corn and apple pieces to distract Sophie while she applied the ointment. It seems to be working well.

291. Snack


~ by korechronicles on April 14, 2009.

8 Responses to “3777:Badger Creek/4:09:35pm [Sophie’s choice]”

  1. What a cutie! Nice shot.

  2. I think Sophie is fine as long as she is eating LOL! Great image!

  3. How cute! A good snack helps us all feel better, right?

  4. Aw! Cutie Pie!
    There are a couple of (tribes? herds? pods? groups? skips?!) of feral wallabies to the north of the country. I’m dead keen to get a semi-feral group going in our local woods. Wallabies rock!

  5. Wallabies and kangaroos can be found in mobs – both feral and well-behaved. I only wish I could send the Hairy Farmer Family a starter pair. It would be worth it to see how many farm vehicles would end up in ditches as they bounced across the roads.

  6. Poor Sophie need to meet a less rough bloke 😉


  7. She’s a cutie! I like how you captured her snacking away there.

  8. Sopie is very cute. No wonder the guys are after her!!

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