3093: Lower Plenty/5:18:32 [Sprung]

2009 09 06_0155 cropped_1

Even my own overworked brain is telling me that daffodils and spring are such a cliche and that I should push myself a little harder to find a less overdone symbol of the new season. But nothing says spring more to me than these persistantly bright blooms bobbing in the wind. I refuse to buy the forced varieties that are for sale as early as May, before winter has even got properly underway. As a homage to the fact that another winter has passed and that warmer days are ahead, I bought some bright polyanthus plants and a few pots of herbs and got them into the garden bed outside our kitchen. I’m not a gardener by any stretch of the imagination but the warmth has returned to the sun and it seemed right not to waste it.

300. Spring


~ by korechronicles on September 6, 2009.

8 Responses to “3093: Lower Plenty/5:18:32 [Sprung]”

  1. Oh but they are just so beautiful, who can resist this springtime shot – this is just so pretty!

  2. Oh my, you’re updating again. Yay.

    Also, I am sorry I have been remiss in commenting.


  3. Wait, it’s Spring your side of the world?

    Logically, I know it must be, as it’s Autumn here, but it still totally AMAZES me. I know, I’m, like, six years old at heart.

    • I am still blown away, when I am visiting your part of the planet, that I can buy fresh peaches in July. And I don’t hesitate to tell anyone who will listen about how bizarre it is. And Life Partner is all…Hey, that’s geography for you!

  4. Good to know it’s Spring somewhere! Daffodils are my favorites – I’m always happy to see them.

  5. My blog feed has done bad things. There are new posts here!

    Totally on board with the whole: Spring? NOW? puzzlement. But a lovely, lovely shot. I do like daffs.

  6. Totally agree with Karen, good to know it’s spring somewhere. Especially since it’s snowing here today!

    Lovely perspective here!

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