Slow reflexes

The lovely May nominated me for this a good couple of weeks ago and, as usual, I am as quick off the mark as a geriatric turtle. Two dead computers, a new full time job, a long commute on the joy that is our screwed inefficient public transport system, and living my easily distracted life has meant the blog has been put out to pasture for far too long.

But my good manners, well entrenched in my extremely conventional upbringing, have given my nemesis, Little Miss Perfect, an excuse to screech at me on a daily basis.

LMP: “You’ve been invited to participate in a lovely blog meme.”

ME: “Yeah, so?”

LMP: “Well, it’s rude to ignore an invitation. Particularly from someone as clever and wonderful as May.

ME: “Uh Huh.”

LMP: “And now the smart and amazing Thalia has joined the party.”

ME: “She’s not asked me specifically. Anyway, I’m [insert excuse here]

LMP: “You always have an excuse for not doing what you’re asked to do. Get up and do it now.”

It’s at this point that LMP begins to sound a lot like my late father. I put my super-efficient earplugs in, begin singing loudly and move as far as possible from the computer.

Then the guilt all got too much. I left the house, took myself straight to the nearest shop named after a piece of fruit and consulted with one of the million pre-pubescent geniuses that work in said store and slapped down the plastic for a brand new MacBook. So my last excuse…was no more.

Ten things that make my day:

1. A computer that works. Every time. And has face recognition software so I can find my photos.

2. Time for a proper breakfast. I grew up in a household whose roots were very firmly transplanted from the North of England and the South of Scotland. So the first meal of the day usually involved salted porridge with treacle and cream followed by eggs, bacon, tomatoes, black pudding and fried bread and copious cups of tea. Every day. So a strawberry low fat yoghurt or a banana smoothie with protein, which is all I can manage with my tight morning timetable, just does not do it for me.

3. My daily walk. For the last 14 years I have been getting up at 5.45am, pulling on my trakky daks, t-shirt and sneakers and heading out to meet a couple of friends for an hour pounding the streets. We have moaned and whinged to each other about everything under the sun and have seen stunning sunrises, the first blossoms of spring, frost on the grass, a rogue koala and more than one kangaroo with a play-in-traffic death wish. It’s cheap therapy.

4. Getting a seat on the train. I think I have pretty much got this one sussed. It’s taken three months, various stations and their overly full car parks but I have finally found a station on my line that has plenty of parking, without trees for cockatoos to sit on and crap all over my car, is within realistic driving distance and still has an express train arriving with a spare seat or two left. Sitting means I am…

5. Finding time to read. I’ve been an avid reader for all but the first four years of my life when I had to make do with being an avid listener. My mum used to tell people that if loo paper was printed upon I would spend all day in the toilet, reading. Love to read anything from the cheapest, nastiest tabloid to the…well, I draw the line at highbrow academic tomes, I’ve only read those when I’ve had to…but everything else? Fair game.

6. Soothing music: As eclectic as my reading. Although I’m not hugely fond of heavy metal. Almost anything else will do the trick. Even Johnny Cash.

7. Having time to play. I dance (tap, Monday nights). I make things (handmade books, Tuesday evenings). I play tennis (in a team, Wednesday nights). I sing. (not very well, Thursday evenings). I love photography (every day). I scrapbook and make cards (in my spare time). I go to the theatre. (Melbourne Theatre Company, ten times a season). Life is short, I’m driven determined to enjoy it.

8. Chocolate: Any chocolate, anywhere. Unless it’s white. Today it was a quite magnificent chocolate mud cupcake that someone at work spends her weekends making and selling. For relaxation.

9. Laughter: So many opportunities every day. I try not to miss any.

10. A moment of gratitude: My project 366 project brought with it the ability to find the moments of each day when all the demands and commitments fell away and I was just completely in that moment. I’ve tried to maintain that mindfulness and continue to find  joy in the mundane.

I’ve so neglected my corner of the internet that nominating anyone, let alone ten others, to join in, is nothing short of impossible. Or far-fetched. Or both. But if you’re here and you’re reading and you want to participate then have at it. It feels so good when you’re finished.


~ by korechronicles on May 18, 2010.

3 Responses to “Slow reflexes”

  1. You’re back! *Snoopy dance*

    Ohhh, I do so love my MacBook. I love it to bits. And you’re one of the Fruit Sistren!

    *reads all ten points attentively*

    I like you.

  2. Hoorrayyyyyy!!!
    *elbows May offstage and takes up the snoopy dance baton*
    I like you too.
    Owe you an email about your UK trip still. Will write! Soon!

  3. Well I am very glad to read some clever witterings from the Land of Kore.

    Also, I like the sound of #3. Apart from the whole early thing. I don’t do that at ALL well.


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