Bitey (Physalia utriculus)

Not fatal but nasty just the same. An influx of bluebottles washed up on the shore has kept me out of the water. That’s why resorts have swimming pools.


~ by korechronicles on November 29, 2010.

4 Responses to “Bitey (Physalia utriculus)”

  1. On my one and only visit to Australia, we went to the beach, and the sands were covered, COVERED, in these things. No swimming for us. But I thought they were beautiful.

    • The colour is amazing. When I learned about them in school I thought they were enormous because their common name, Portugese Man-Of-War, made them sound the size of a small ship! I was shocked when I actually saw one in real life for the first time.

  2. At least you have the semse not to swim with the pretty blue things 🙂


  3. *waves*

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