Day 7/2012 {One little word}

Despite the fact that I was born in Australia, carry an Australian passport, love koalas, gumtrees and the laughter of kookaburras in the morning, the reality is that my DNA and cultural upbringing is 100% British. This means that the day does not begin until the first cup of tea is made and drunk, another cup is necessary upon arriving at one’s desk at work, the mid-morning break is perfect with a piece of boiled fruit cake accompanying the brew, one with lunch, another mid-afternoon, one more when I get home and again with dinner and another cup the last thing I do before heading off to bed. And, never forgetting, that any kind of mildly stressful moment right up to major crisis such as a house flood or fire is always accompanied by that well-known shock reducer – a cup of hot, sweet tea.

I can’t remember a time I did not drink tea. With lots of milk and sugar until, around the age of twelve, I dropped the sweetener. Milk eventually vanished and I began to enjoy all the subtle varieties of tea that are out there – black, green, white and herbal, Earl Grey, Russian Caravan, Madagascan vanilla, Dark Chocolate, Scottish, English and Irish Breakfast, Formosan, Rooibos, Oolong. You name it, I’m pretty much willing to try it. And, while one of my friends makes the most sensational Moroccan tea served in pretty glasses using Harrod’s Gunpowder Green with fresh mint from her garden and I never miss an opportunity to feast my senses at her kitchen table, the only tea I really do not like is Peppermint.

Thinking about how long I have been a tea drinker has brought back memories of watching my grandpop make me a weak tea and then drive my granny to distraction by pouring his hot black tea into his saucer, blowing gently across to cool it and then slurping it straight off the saucer. She saw it as a massive breach of etiquette but I just thought it was sensible. And funny.


~ by korechronicles on January 7, 2012.

3 Responses to “Day 7/2012 {One little word}”

  1. Oooh, I right fancy a cuppa, I’m that parched. Put the kettle on, there’s a love.

    I’ve suddenly realised I own exactly five saucers. Four are tiny and belong to espresso cups, and one is a proper tea-cup one and is too beautiful for daily use. We’re dreadful mug people here. We have MANY dreadful mugs.

    • Kettle IS on, funnily enough. Just so you’re not too envious of the lovely summery weather over here I have to tell you that some random confluence of meteorological factors has sucked the air off the Antarctic ice sheet and transferred it to south-west Australia. Yesterday was stormy again and this morning I have been reduced to putting on the heater. In JANUARY? Your weather envy has magical powers to transfer current conditions in Old Blighty to the Antipodes. Are there any limits to your general Awesomeness?

      And although I’ve used the word cup liberally here I’m really referring to a mug. Saucers at Villa Kore simply take up space in the cupboard and rarely see the light of day.

  2. I hear you. Utterly. Currently have Earl Grey and English Breakfast in my cupboard as well as bog standard generic bags.


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