13/2012 {Unlucky?}

I come from a long line of superstitious believers. Brought up never to open an umbrella indoors, to throw salt over my shoulder if I spilt it, to fret over broken mirrors, to never put my shoes on the table, to refuse to walk under ladders. So it was confronting, especially to aforesaid relatives, when I married into an Italian family with three times the number of ridiculously irrational superstitions, and found that beliefs about the unluckiness of 13 is not one of them. I’ve never got a satisfactory explanation as to why but I’ve worn this for close to forty years and my life has been filled with as much joy as it has sadness. I’m pretty sure the number 13 has had nothing to do with it.


~ by korechronicles on January 13, 2012.

2 Responses to “13/2012 {Unlucky?}”

  1. In Italy, I remember, it’s 17 that is BAD WRONG EEEP NO. Just, err, because.

    I like your blood-type tag.

  2. We live in a street that seems to go from 12 to 14. Somebody got the heebies.


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