16/2012 {Remember…}

…how long summer seemed to last when you were young? From the afternoon when we ran through the school gates for the last time that year, the summer stretched out before us, shimmering with sunshine on water and sand and accompanied by the never ending song of the cicadas and the banging of the screen door. The long hours spent on the beach, t-shirts over bathing suits to prevent the dreaded sunburn, hot nights with only the open window for the hope of a breeze that never came, the waiting for the rustle of leaves that signalled the arrival of a cool change and relief from the scorching heat. A new school year seemed so far in the future as to be invisible as we dug moats around sandcastles, paddled our boards down to the pier, bowled and batted our team to victory in beach cricket while the  radio commentary on the current Test match provided the soundtrack to the game. The strawberry and pineapple ice-cream that melted quickly in sticky drips down your arms and onto your bare, sandy legs, your shoes sinking into the road asphalt soft and sticky from the heat, terry towelling hats shading eyes squinting from the harsh clear light.  And nothing but more of the same tomorrow.


~ by korechronicles on January 16, 2012.

One Response to “16/2012 {Remember…}”

  1. What really scares me now is that whole DECADES swing by. Kind of fast. Also, I eat rather less ice cream….


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