25/2012 {Your focus}

I find it almost impossible to sit still. I fidget and wriggle around, tap my feet or play with my hair. It requires enormous effort to drag in my fractured attention to a point where I can focus and get things done. Paradoxically, there are activities in my life where I hyper-focus, my attention so targeted that time and place disappear, my brain relaxes and the constant, distracting, background chatter is replaced by a most pleasurable quiet stillness.

These occasions tend to be based on either the physical such as walking, swimming, and tap dancing or the creative – think scrap-booking, photography, book making, and reading. I’ve been playing tennis for most of my life but it has not, until now, been an activity where calmness and focus rule. Quite the reverse, competitiveness brings out the worst in me, I’m afraid.

I have been going to coaching for the last six months and finally, it’s coming together. Improvement in my mental game is the focus for this year. Do you have something new to focus on this year?


~ by korechronicles on January 25, 2012.

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