26/2012 {With a different aperture}

Since my Canon Ixus 980 is small enough to fit in a handbag or pocket and my Canon 450DSLR is not, aperture tends not to be something I have to think too much about. Here we are approaching the end of the first month and this is the 4th photograph that has required me to think about aperture. Back in the day, when film cameras were all the rage and dinosaurs roamed the earth, I was completely comfortable with manually setting aperture and speed. But the digital revolution has meant that what I knew then has been relegated to the most distant sectors of my mental hard drive and they are not easily restored. Or accessed, for that matter.

I could have grabbed the D40 and headed out to play with apertures but I chose instead to use the macro setting on the Ixus and get up really close to my Necklace of the Day. I’m happy enough with the result especially without my glasses, which removes wrinkles and uneven skin tone more effectively than Photoshop and Lightroom put together.


~ by korechronicles on January 26, 2012.

One Response to “26/2012 {With a different aperture}”

  1. A myopic filter, now there’s a thought 😉

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