27/2012 {Touched with light}

Suddenly it’s the end of January, and already the mornings when I get up to walk are darker and the light has started to tilt and deepen, totally different to the clear, harsh light of a Melbourne summer that can leach the colour right out of the landscape.  Sometime around now my mind registers what I call The Changing of The Light, where the late afternoon world around me becomes burnished as if it’s been dipped in honey.

For all its harshness here in the Great South Land, I absolutely love summer.  More and more I stand at the beginning of a new year, our end of the planet already beginning to tilt away from the sun and the urge to freeze frame time is overwhelming.  I am forced to accept that another summer has come and gone, even though it feels far too short.

I’m not complaining. Autumn in Melbourne is, in my opinion, the most beautiful season of the year. Long warm days of golden light and cool nights that allow you a comfortable sleep. The changing seasons dance around us. All too often we fail to notice the subtle signals we are given. Today was a typically hot summer day and my initial choice of photo reflected the strong clear light of bright sunshine.  At the local shopping mall, as the day wound down, I almost missed the Changing of the Light.

The light fittings in this store caught my eye as I strode past. I stopped and looked up. And there was that instant of recognition  when the setting sun created golden shadows as it poured in through the windows on the far wall.


~ by korechronicles on January 27, 2012.

One Response to “27/2012 {Touched with light}”

  1. I covet those light fittings. I think they’d come to about my waist, but nevermind.


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