32/2012 {With a fast shutter speed}


Twelve years of drought meant that for the past five years we have not been able to use our irrigation systems but were restricted to a hose at 6am for half an hour twice a week. The rains of the past eighteen months have seen water restrictions eased. One of the most recognisable sounds of summer, in my opinion, is the sound of water sprinklers amongst the plants.


~ by korechronicles on February 1, 2012.

4 Responses to “32/2012 {With a fast shutter speed}”

  1. Ooo sound a day, now there’s a challenge… I’m aware of two different sprinkler system sounds – which do you have in your part of the world? Ones that go chk chk chk or ones that go tffffffffsssshhh tffffffffsssshhh?

  2. ..and now I am reminded that my garden probably expects water…



  3. Seb, we have the tffffffsssshhh variety but I much prefer the chk chk chk sort. They were much more common on the local sports grounds but so many of those were replanted with drought tolerant turf during the Drought that Never Seemed to End that they are as rare as hens molars nowadays. They are the sort that swing around in a circle and when you are in their vicinity you have to adjust your pace so you don’t get sprinkled. Most definitely in my sound lexicon under Sounds of Summer.

  4. @ g. Most definitely the new ones you planted, they won’t have had time to develop any sort of dry weather capability. And the excessive water in very short space of time events combined with unseasonally cool nights recently have disguised the fact that the days are hot and the precipitation is infrequent.

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