33/2012 {Makes my heart sing}

These days I can barely play the pieces I learnt for my piano exams, back when I still wore a school uniform. But the piano stays, and every so often I run my fingers across it and remember picking out the notes to ‘Coming through the Rye’ when the piano lived in Mrs R’s living room and she brought out the music books from the piano stool and taught me her favourites. After her unmarried son died, the piano very nearly went for firewood. The house had not been maintained for more than thirty years, since Mrs R herself died, and he spent every weekend fishing and camping far from the busy suburban house he simply slept in Mondays to Thursdays. The roof had leaked and the polished finish was badly water damaged. The brass sconces had vanished. There was a mouse nest under the keyboard.

His sister looked at me aghast when I asked if I could buy the piano if no one else in her family wanted it. I was not working, had three young children, none of whom were interested in piano lessons and money was more than tight but I could not bear to think of Mrs R’s treasured instrument being thrown away. D refused my offer.

“Are you sure?” she asked, ‘it’s not worth fixing.” And then, when I assured her I was certain, she gave it to me. The old cottage piano I already owned went to my brother and this one went off to a wonderful repairer I found by chance in the Yellow Pages. He cleaned it thoroughly, repaired and re-polished the case as best he could and was totally shocked when he played it for the first time to discover that despite its long and humiliating descent into decrepitude, it need very little adjustment to make it playable. Its sound was not very far from what it had been in its heyday.

I never mind dusting or taking care of it even though it is rarely used. It is a physical connection between two singing hearts.


~ by korechronicles on February 2, 2012.

3 Responses to “33/2012 {Makes my heart sing}”

  1. Lovely. Like a prose-poem.

  2. That is SUCH a wonderful story. I do feel so warmed on the inside by your posts!

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