35/2012 {Listed}

What better list than a wine one? Hot and cranky when I arrived at Persimmon after finding the tram service from where I park my car was not running due to massive road works thus necessitating a seven block route march through floating concrete dust in 35 degree heat. Hair plastered to head with sweat and dust, summery frock sticking to damp self, only saving grace was the fact I had chosen, at the last minute, not to wear my Impossible To Walk In Heels. The waiter clearly sensed my rage slight discomfort and offered me a glass of champagne which I churlishly refused, grumpily making do with water. But after 5 minutes of chat with my theatre going companions, my sweet and sunny usual nature won out and I was ready to order the Kooyong Pinot Noir. Good company, great food and a delicious red did wonders for the rest of the afternoon. The play was outstanding as well. Win-Win!

~ by korechronicles on February 4, 2012.

One Response to “35/2012 {Listed}”

  1. A play and wine? I am rather jealous, lovely lady,


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