SEVENTEEN: Penguin Feet


When I was in the States last year I was determined to buy a pair of funky John Fluevog shoes. I bought two pairs but tried on more than a dozen, thanks to the persuasive salesman. When he brought a navy blue pair of these out for me to try on I almost shook my head – too high, too out there. On my feet, though, it was a whole different matter. They were as comfortable as sneakers. I decided I would save for a pair and buy them on line once I got home. It took a few months to do the first and when I saw them in turquoise while doing the second, it was all over.

~ by korechronicles on January 17, 2013.

3 Responses to “SEVENTEEN: Penguin Feet”

  1. Oh dear Lord. I would elbow legions of frail souls mercilessly to the floor for a pair. The SEAM! It BENDS!

  2. I approve. I want some!


  3. I had my own matrix spoon moment looking at them.

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