TWENTY: Thank you, umpires. Thank you, ball boys.


You can count the Australian Opens I have not attended in the last 30 years on the fingers of one hand. I went through a bit of a flat spot when I thought it was becoming way too crowded and far too expensive and debated giving it a miss but I have regained my excitement for the day. Sure, I can no longer leave my seat and wander over to the other show courts to watch a more interesting match, there is no chance of encountering a star having a hit up and watching from the sidelines, it has become a Very Big Event. But I have seen some amazing battles on court, the cream of the sport passionately playing the game I love and I willingly hand over the money, pack my cooler bag with a picnic lunch, remember my sunscreen and hat, park half an hours walk away in the hot sun and settle into my seat with gratitude that I have this opportunity each year.

~ by korechronicles on January 20, 2013.

One Response to “TWENTY: Thank you, umpires. Thank you, ball boys.”

  1. updates from villa kore?

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