My blog banner…

…is of the City of Geelong and Corio Bay, Victoria, Australia.

I changed the blog header photo in April when my picture of Corio Bay just cried out to sit at the top of the blog. It is one of my favourite photos of the many I took on while I was in Geelong on a two day training course. I had gone for a late walk and found myself climbing the hill at the end of the beach. I was chatting to a friend on my mobile phone when I came around a bend in the path and saw the bay spread out in front of me. The apricot ribbon of light left bordering the horizon by the now vanished sun gave it just enough colour to wash across the water and infiltrate the gaps in the boardwalk around the swimming area. I finished my call and stood still, trying to catch the subtle changes of fading light on sea for quite some time. The beauty of the city, beginning to light up around me, filled me with peace as I made my way home for tea.

5 Responses to “My blog banner…”

  1. I thought I recognised that photo, it’s been ages since I’ve been to Geelong, but I used to love the foreshore in the evening. Brings back memories…


  2. Here from NaComMo…beautiful picture!

  3. I do love the sight of cities at night. Probably because I’m such a country girl – they always seem to hold a big potential to party!

  4. A dear friend of mine is from Geelong… I never saw the bay though, thanks for sharing it with me!

    There is such power in the city over the water photo to capture and throw up all one’s memories of a city. Photos of Seattle, Portland, Sydney, Boston, Wellington always hit me hard. But I lived in Melbourne for awhile and don’t have any idea of what it looks like from the water.

  5. What a beautiful picture. Thanks for sharing it.

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