THIRTEEN: …and gone.

•January 13, 2013 • 3 Comments


It was 5.15am and the traffic controller at the airport was determined we would not exceed our one minute allowance to drop off a departing passenger. As I got back in the car I turned for a final glimpse of Boy Genius as he walked into the terminal and strode away to check-in. Next stop, Nagoya.

TWELVE: Packed and ready

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He might be, but I’m not too sure that I am.

ELEVEN: Mellow yellow

•January 11, 2013 • 1 Comment


It was late and I was a more than a wee bit tired and emotional. No alcohol had been consumed but it was the end of the working week. All the family, including his godmother, congregated around the pool for a farewell dinner for Boy Genius who leaves on Sunday morning for a year in Japan. After a lovely evening everyone had left or gone to bed. Sitting at the kitchen table I looked up to find these Gerberas, a gift from said godmother, brightly smiling. I suddenly felt a whole lot better.

TEN: I’ll let you know when I get there

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The First Law of Philosophy: For every philosopher, there exists an equal and opposite philosopher.

The Second Law of Philosophy: They’re both wrong.

NINE: Let us eat…

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Despite his Italian peasant background, Life Partner has not done much vegetable growing over the years. Now he has an extra day to play with at home, he has begun to take an interest. And it’s taken some doing, keeping them alive through the recent heatwave. This little tub of mixed lettuce has been keeping us in salad since before Christmas. Good job!  Homegrown really does taste better.

EIGHT: Seven minutes gone

•January 8, 2013 • 1 Comment


The summer solstice is a bare seventeen days in the past. On that morning sunrise was at 5.55am and there was a line of bright light under the bedroom blinds when my alarm went off at 5.45. That light has already faded.  This morning the sun did not appear until 6.07am when our walk was already well underway.

The good news, and I find it quite quirky, is that sunset tonight was 8.46pm and on the solstice it disappeared at 8.42. Which makes for a net loss of 3 minutes of light for the day. And so, seconds and minutes at a time, this part of the planet inexorably moves back towards winter.

SEVEN: What’s for dinner?

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Chicken and beef shashliks on the barbeque. Because it is just too damned hot to cook inside. There’s one left for me to take to lunch tomorrow.